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"I just want to thank you for the changes in my life you have made.  It used to be I had awful migraines at least once a week if not more.  Muscle and back aches, and pain in the hips.

However since visiting your office, for only a short time, I now no longer have the headaches, back ache, nor hip doscomfort.  Also the female cycles have even improved, the menopause is no longer affecting me as it was.

Again, thank you!"-SM


"A dear friend paid for my first visit with Dr. Gregg...I had been sick for 3 1/2 years.  While overseas I had been exposed to a toxin that severely damaged my immune system...Living a normal life was a daily struggle with infections, fevers, and many side effects to treatments and medication.  In the process I had grown skeptical and following through was a tough decision.  But I began to notice a gradual change in my health and strength...And earlier this summer a re-testing at Duke Medical Center revealed that my immune cell counts were at higher levels than they have been since I first got back to the US nearly 5 years ago...The only thing that I have done differently in my approach to wellness was keeping regular treament with Dr. Gregg.  I have gone from skeptic to believer.  Thank you Dr. Gregg!"- KD


We originally came in because my 10 month old was having ear infections.  After a few weeks of treatments, her ears were cleared and she has stayed off of antibiotics.  The rest of our family is also less sick...I also sleep better!  We have already sent friends and family in for care.  We are believers!"- BC


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